the story

the story
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Our story

Backforty Blends was founded by brothers Darris and Bryden Routley, who were raised in a very tight knit family from a small town in the BC Interior. Helping others and their community was instilled in them at a very young age which grew into something that they truly value, and is now a priority focus in their life.

These brothers grew up working on a farm, running a construction company, and operating a concrete company. Like many others, they have always worked in a physically demanding labour environment, which can take a toll on anybody’s body, whether it be pain or injury.

Their family has a long history of workplace injuries, which led them to seek natural medicine to help deal with chronic pain. 

In 2019 Darris and Bryden reached out to their cousin, Kiley, who had already developed over sixty natural health products and was operating an established and successful business called Back to Earth. Shortly after, Kiley began consulting about ingredients, quality and consumer preferences, which became the inception of Backforty Blends. With Kiley’s help and her knowledge of Kisolite Clay, the beginning of the formulation of Backforty Blend’s first pain relief products began.

Kisolite Clay is a rare clay found on the Coast of BC, that has been used for centuries by some Indigenous Peoples to help with skin issues and pain. It has more recently been studied at MIT and other research institutions for its unique properties. Through anecdotal evidence and preclinical research, the clay is now known to be beneficial for oxygenation, hydration, regulation, and regeneration of epithelial cells, as well as possessing profound anti-inflammatory properties. [ source ]

Later, when their friend and soon to be business partner, Justin, introduced them to the benefits of CBD, the brothers decided to formulate it into their recipes to increase the effectiveness of their products. 

They then teamed up with Pacific Rim Innovations, a product development company who provided a gateway for Backforty Blends to enter the market with their all natural, pain relief muscle products containing 99% pure CBD.


To provide all-natural solutions that help those within our community and at large.


At Backforty Blends, we want everyone to experience a life free of pain and discomfort.